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Gladys first helped me rework my resume 2 years ago. She was very patient with the edits I requested. The resume she did up was a great nudge for me to start applying for jobs. Subsequently, I was able to update my resume easily because of the good start and great template she gave me! So grateful for you, Gladys! I wouldn’t have my current job offer without you.
Policy Management
Gladys' expertise and attention to detail were instrumental in helping me navigate a competitive job market and secure a fulfilling position.

Her understanding of industry trends and hiring practices, coupled with her ability to highlight my skills and experiences effectively, undoubtedly played a significant role in my job search success. Thanks to her assistance, I was able to present yourself in the best possible light to potential employers, ultimately leading to a job offer that aligned closely with my career goals.

I am truly impressed by her professionalism and dedication to her craft. Her commitment to delivering high-quality results sets her apart in the field of resume writing, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services or CareerWareer to anyone seeking to enhance their professional profile.
Naomi L
I had the opportunity to work with Gladys on my resume, and I'm pleased with the outcome. She took the time to understand my background and used certain techniques to enhance my CV, making it more presentable and emphasizing my past roles.

After her initial draft, Gladys was open to feedback and made sure that the final version aligned with my expectations.

In short, Gladys is a diligent and competent resume writer. I appreciate her efforts and would recommend her to those seeking improvements to their resumes.
Charl N
Software Developer
I worked with Gladys for a couple of interview preparation and resume review sessions. Gladys is a star professional, she went above and beyond to address my many concerns despite our late night Google Meet calls. Her sharp ability to summarise my career achievements, rebuild a newly structured resume layout was awesome!! Deep conversations that polished my verbal responses too summarised my overall experience with her as valuable if not insightful. She will be of a great asset to anyone or organization who is in need of her services as a coach at any stages of their careers.
Natalie T
Training Consultant
I am thrilled to provide a glowing testimonial for the exceptional professional resume writer I connect on my resume. From start to finish, Gladys provided outstanding service that exceeded my expectations.

Her knowledge and expertise in crafting resumes were evident from our first conversation. She took the time to understand my unique skills, experience, and career goals and used this information to create a truly personalized and impactful resume.

Gladys was highly professional, communicative, and attentive to detail throughout the process. She was always willing to listen to my feedback and ensured I was delighted with the final product.

Thanks to their expert guidance and support, my new resume has helped me to stand out in a competitive job market and be relevant. Gladys's work will continue to serve me well as I navigate my career. In summary, If you want to take your career to the next level, I recommend hiring them to create a resume that showcases your unique strengths and accomplishments.
Muhammad Aqib Sulaiman
Regional Engineering Director
Gladys is skilled at what she does. She took my old resume and reworked it into something much more convincing. The new resume highlights my achievements with numbers to back up my abilities and it pushes my skills and areas of expertise into a more prominent light.

She reworked my LinkedIn profile in a similar fashion – helping me create a profile that showcases my abilities and results. It was a pleasant process as she was friendly and helpful, and she was always ready to answer any other questions I had in my job search.

Not long after I sent in my reworked resume to various companies, I started getting multiple invites to technical assessments and interviews – a result that is many times better than I had with my old resume. I strongly recommend Gladys' services, and the result I'm enjoying speaks volumes about her expertise.
Yuan Cai T
Software Engineer
Gladys assisted in my resume rework and I am very satisfied with the outcome! The overall process from booking to the meeting was very smooth. With her attention to detail, she has managed to highlight my key work contributions effectively and showcase my skill sets tailored to specific job roles. Highly recommend Gladys if you're looking to switch up your resume.
Arielle T
Real Estate Student
I was referred to Gladys by a friend to revise my resume. She carefully went through to understand my background, skill set and job search objective via zoom. I was impressed with her attention to details. We had a great time on revising my resume, and I am very pleased with the final outcome. I would recommend Gladys to anyone who may need her expertise.
Xiaoxiao S
Product Manager
Gladys helped with writing my resume - throughout the process, she was attentive and sincere, taking time to understand what my work entails and asked relevant questions to frame the work that I have done in the best way possible. Not only that, she was invaluable in sharing career advice. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a resume rework!
Yuying C
Operations Planning Lead
I strongly recommend Gladys for resume writing and interview preparation sessions. Throughout my job search process, Gladys has been a lifesaver! During the sessions, she provided me with concise and useful information to help in my preparation. Outside of the sessions, Gladys was always available to answer any other questions I had and she always checked in with me during the different stages of the process and continued to provide me with very helpful advice, right up until I received an offer and settled on compensation. Thank you so much Gladys!
Shandeep B
Partner Manager
I approached Gladys to get her advice for the new role of my career. Gladys helped me rework my resume, she took keen interest in understanding my ambiguities and provided the most relevant and professional advice to achieve my goals. Thank you so much. It was an amazing experience.
Atima P
UX Designer
Gladys helped me rework my resume and it has been an absolute pleasure communicating with her. She was professional and thorough with her findings to ensure that she was able to understand the littlest details.

I would definitely recommend Gladys for future works!
Syahidah A
UX Designer
Have engaged Gladys' assistance on resume rework and found her to be thoughtful, friendly and professional when advising on best ways to present my skills and expertise.

She also checked in regularly with me over the job seeking process and actively provided useful tips on how to better my chances. Can't thank Gladys enough for going the extra mile!
Xin Ping J
Business Analyst
Gladys is patient, willing to listen and understand. She helped to rework my resume to look and sound professional and showcase my values to anyone who is reading it. I am happy with what she has done and recommend that you look her up if you ever need help with your resume
Tianhao L
Software Developer
It's been a pleasure working with Gladys on my personal branding and resume. She has extensive knowledge of what she does and can convey my thoughts into my resume. I recommend Gladys 100%!
Willie T
Brand Designer
I have had the pleasure of interacting with Gladys to revamp my CV into the Asian style of writing as opposed to the European CV presentation. My interactions with Gladys were very positive, she is always prompt and thoughtful in her responses. She listens very well to what is being requested and offers her advice and guidance accordingly. Really pleased to have the chance to work with her on this and I would strongly recommend her to anyone that is seeking sound professional input.
Khushbu D
Chief of Staff to CEO
I was recommended Gladys to rework my resume. She thoroughly probed me to ascertain my strengthens, leaving no stone unturned, to get a holistic understanding of my profile. Her questions encompassed all the crucial aspects and this was particularly telling in the final reworked resume which was crafted effectively to give a professional edge that ultimately yielded positive results.
Huzaifa P
Full-Stack Engineer
Gladys was introduced to me for a rework on my resume. She has helped me greatly in putting my achievements and professional experiences together by patiently and thoroughly going through my background with me during our consultation session. She was also very prompt in giving thoughtful advices and answers to my queries! Overall, I am happy with the results and boosted confidence in my resume.
Aunt Pyone M
Gladys helped me consolidate my achievements and pick highlights to craft an updated resume. She was thorough and professional in her consultation call where she unearthed and explained demonstrable results relevant to my industry and job function. If you are looking for more out of resume/CV services than a template with generic keywords, I recommend Gladys.
Stephanie G
Customer Success Manager
Gladys was very patient and detailed as she advised me on how I can improve my CV. She goes the extra mile by going onto a call with you to better understand the details of every role, before advising on how each section can be better improved. She even follows up after a week! Thank you, and truly wonderful!
Brandon G
Engaging Gladys to assist with my resume write up was a great investment. She was patient and took her time to get on a call to understand my current role and see how she can quantify my experience and make it impactful. Gladys client service was also spectacular. She followed up with me a few times to ensure my resume was up to my standard and provide valuable career and networking advice. I would certainly recommend anyone to not hesitate in engaging her services. Thanks again Gladys!
Daniel N
Risk Management Professional
It's been a pleasure working with Gladys on my resume revamp. She's a great listener and throughout the session, Gladys was generous on giving her feedback and thoughts on where my resume needs improvement.

I appreciate the fact that Gladys responded to all correspondence within the business day. Everything that we discussed was clearly and creatively reflected in the final resume and that's a big plus for me.

I find that Gladys also understands the urgency that a job seeker has in keeping up the momentum of submitting applications and was able to commit to a reasonable turnaround time of 5 working days.

Overall, I'm glad to have connected with Gladys over LinkedIn and to have engaged her services.
Muhammad Radhi Bin Abdul M
Case Management Executive
I got to know Gladys from my friend. The career services which she offers is very significant to society because not everyone is good with marketing and marketing oneself might be the toughest work because even if objectivity is achieved, there has to be a good balance with appeal while statements should either be factual or at the very least reasonable. Gladys helped me do a rework of my resume. Before Gladys started any writing/rewriting, she took time to understand me, my background, strengths, interests and aspirations, and also closely examined other sources which I provided to her. After Gladys started writing/rewriting, she was happy to provide me with drafts so I could share my thoughts and she worked on carefully analysing if they are feasible and if they were – how best to convey those thoughts on the resume. I highly recommend that you reach out to Gladys should you need any help with reworking your resume and also do consider the other career services which she does!
Lawson L
Policymaker, International Affairs
Gladys has helped me revamp my resume and better position my objectives. She was extremely thorough with understanding my career goals and opportunities I was looking for. I am definitely delighted with the end result of my resume as she has made it very structured and precise. I'd highly recommend engaging Gladys for her services to anyone who'd like to revamp their resume.
Christine F
Data Management and Change Analyst
Gladys is a talented top class professional writer. Our product is quite niche and complex but I am amazed by how quickly Gladys is able to understand the business, our product and structure the content that resonate with our audience. She takes the extra miles by conducting her own research to make the content more holistic.
Casper P
Co-Founder and CEO, Tech Company
I've engaged Gladys to rework my resume and help me with a cover letter and she was amazing at every step of the way! She goes the extra mile to communicate with you to better understand how she can help revamp your resume to bring out the best in yourself in the most concise manner. She delivers on her promises and is very timely in responding to your queries. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for advice or help in relation to reworking resumes and cover letters!
Tessa L
Field Biologist
I've engaged Gladys to rework my resume and she's incredibly concise, thoughtful throughout the process. She's willing to go the extra mile and I am really impressed with the revamp. Gladys seems to be able to bring out the best version of myself on paper.

With her help with interview preparation and resume rework it has definitely given me a sense of assurance and boost in confidence. I'd not have secured my dream job without her support. Would highly recommend Gladys to anyone looking to rework their CVs. Gladys is definitely the person that would be able to bring out the best version of you.
Xin Lin K
APAC Program and Vendor Operations Professional
It has been almost 7 years since I worked on my CV and everything was a complete mess. I have done many things, yet I struggled to organise them in a manner that is palatable for the readers of my CV. Simply said, I was at a loss. Gladys was truly God-sent as I had to edit my CV within a month for a scholarship application! She patiently spent almost 2.5 hours over a Zoom call to understand more about myself and was very meticulous with the details required to give my CV an extra oomph. She was cognizant of what the application required and her turnaround time for edits were amazingly fast. She also openly shared her experiences with applications and interviews to allay my anxiety.

Little did I expect to reconnect with my secondary school mate after 10 years, and I am thankful we did this together. Keeping my fingers crossed for this application!
Premikha M
Medical Officer
I consulted Gladys on a LinkedIn revamp! She was very thorough in her engagement process - asking detailed and directed questions on my achievements so as to craft a profile with maximal impact. I am extremely happy with the end-result; heavily recommend it for anyone looking to make their LinkedIn work for them.
Andy T
Co-Founder, Tech Company
Trust Gladys to deliver. She is very clear and articulate in her work, and it will show from the first meeting itself! She is extremely patient with all forms of questions, and is quite experienced in her field. I have absolute confidence in trusting her with confidential details about work, and I would strongly encourage anyone to consult her for your professional needs, especially in resume re-work! Keep up the great work!
Sunderason A
I'm thrilled to very strongly recommend Gladys, who played a vital role in revamping my resume, leading to my successful job hunt. Gladys possesses an exceptional talent for crafting effective resumes. She diligently assessed my background, listened to my goals, understood the points that I wanted to bring across, and then transformed my resume into a powerful job-hunting weapon. Her attention to detail and expertise are evident, and my revamped resume yielded numerous interview offers, a self-calculated 50% increase in interview callback offers as compared to my previous resume.

I highly recommend Gladys for her professional resume-writing skills and commitment to client success. If you need resume assistance, she is truly the go-to expert who can make a real difference in your job search.

Thank you, Gladys, for helping me secure the next move in my professional life.
Dadi S
Sales Representative
I had the pleasure of working with Gladys, for the rework of my resume, she is very particular and specific and really honed in on my career path and where I would like to progress, while ensuring the resume is presentable to attract interviews, we also worked together on interview preparation I will 100% recommend anyone to work with Gladys to utilise any of the services she provides at CareerWareer.
Brett N
Site Project Manager
I highly recommend Gladys as her service in career advising, resume reworking, and personal statement writing is of excellent quality. Gladys as a consultant works professionally and is always trying her best to understand her client before working on the hired service. On a personal level, I regard Gladys not only as a consultant for hire but as a friend as well.
Shi Kiang K
Project Manager
Gladys is a pleasure to work with. I am impressed with her ability to listen, respond fast and pick up on the critical details. I am very happy with the iterative process of resume review. I would recommend Gladys to support you if you are looking for resume writing. Thank you, Gladys, for your help!
Leana S
Assistant Vice President, Financial Services
I have reached out to Gladys for her assistance for resume rework and guidance and am very impressed by her strong work ethic and professionalism. She is detail oriented and strategic with her resume advice, and she takes time to personalize her advice based on your specific career needs. I eventually landed a desired sales role thanks to her assistance and would highly recommend her if you are looking for quality career consulting services.
Vera O
Sales Manager
It was a really wonderful experience working with Gladys due to her expertise, patience and professionalism. She was always there to dispense valuable career-related advice, clarify any doubts I had and was also very prompt in following-up on matters to ensure that the necessary was done in securing the role. I also deeply appreciate her direct and no-nonsense approach, and would recommend her any day!
Dawn L
Thank you Gladys for all the time and effort put in reworking my resume! Gladys made sure to find out more about my career goals and the finer details of each job experience. Gladys writes wonderfully; captures salient points while being concise.

I strongly recommend Gladys if you are looking to rework your resume.
Nabilah R
Early Childhood Educator
Gladys was very helpful and provided lots of insights on how to answer common interview questions. Her responses to any queries were very prompt which was well appreciated. Lastly, she is very thoughtful as she takes notes of the interview dates, follows up after the interview and if we got the job. Really thankful and grateful for all the help!
Valerie C
Nursing Student
I approached Gladys to help me craft my resume as I've been following her page CareerWareer for some time and found the content very relevant and insightful. Gladys balances between being personable and professional in my interactions with her and was very prompt and sharp in her follow-ups. From her, I've learnt concrete ways to refine and sharpen my rather lacklustre resume, and in the process, gained confidence in my experience and abilities. My conversations with her were also deep and rich and I believe that she truly provides excellent career related services. I'll highly recommend CareerWareer to my friends who are searching for ways to improve their value in the professional domain. Thank you for your help!
Lis T
Public Servant
Thank you Gladys for your time and effort put into reworking and perfecting my resume. Appreciate the help and support given during the entire process. Gladys is attentive to details and is able to grasp little details that help steer the direction and aim of my resume, making it more impactful.
Guan Qing L
Flight Attendant
In my tenure as the Asia-Pacific Chairperson of International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation, I was privileged to work together with Gladys to build the capacity of early-career pharmacists and pharmacy students in Personal Branding.

Gladys inspired 100 global participants from Asia-Pacific and beyond through an insightful and engaging webinar on building personal branding for career purposes. She clearly outlined and expounded on the "why", "how" and common misconceptions surrounding personal branding. I can still recall the gratitude on the enlightened faces of our participants that day! I hope she can continue to empower many individuals around the world this way!

On behalf of the Asia Pacific Regional Office of the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation, thank you Gladys!
Myat Thu K
Gladys was very professional and helped reword my CV tremendously. Thanks to her advice we found the best way to present myself, my experiences and skills. Her recommendations enhanced my CV tenfold. I couldn't recommend Gladys more.
Clive H
Data Engineer
Gladys has reworked my resume. She has been very professional and diligent. She knows what to do to showcase my experiences better and make my resume look more valuable. I'm happy to have Gladys as my resume writer and would recommend her to anyone who needs a resume update.
Manuspon C
Software Developer
I am thankful to be recommended to Gladys to help with reworking my resume. Gladys is an avid listener. She asks critical questions during our call, and helps present my past experience in a clear and succinct manner. Despite looking for a career switch, she managed to identify skills that are relevant. It was truly a great pleasure working with her. I strongly recommend engaging her if you need help reworking your resume.
Jian Nan K
TSP Engineer
Gladys is a patient listener and is great at synthesising information. She helped to identify transferrable skill sets from my previous job and presented them in a clear and concise manner.
Sandra T
Product Manager
Gladys reworked my resume to make it more impact-oriented and targeted. She did it well and I like how she put all details more efficiently and effectively. It's a pleasure to work with her and I do recommend her to anyone who has struggled to make your resume impactful.
Rahma P
Digital Marketer
I reached out to Gladys to rework my resume after coming across many of her helpful career tips & insights via her LinkedIn page. Gladys took time to understand my past experiences and future aspirations before working on my resume. Very pleased with how she has succinctly and impactfully quantified my achievements and ultimately improved my resume to interview conversions. Highly recommend Gladys to anyone looking to improve their resumes!
Sarah L
Product Management and UX Professional
Gladys has been a major help in reworking my resume. She's done great quantifying and refocusing my transferable skills as I am making a career transition. She provided much-needed clarity and confidence for me as she addressed my queries.

I would recommend Gladys especially for young females who could benefit from a confident writer that boldly represent their abilities/contributions as they rightly are.
Mingshi C
Specialist Associate
Gladys is very patient and a great listener. She takes extra mile to conduct a search on my profile. It’s pleasure working with Gladys to revamp my resume. I am very delighted with the revamped resume.
Jennifer L
Graphic Designer
I was amazed by the effort Gladys made to understand the objectives and context of my career goals and achievements before working on the resume.

With her attention to details, it has been pleasant working with her on revamping the resume.

She also goes the extra mile in sharing her experience and tips on interviews. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants people to see the most amazing side of their career in their resume!
Shin Chin K
Market Risk Analyst
I first chanced upon Gladys' services through her insightful career tips on LinkedIn. Throughout the Linkedin revamp process, Gladys sought to thoroughly understand my career ambitions, achievements, and motivations. Gladys also goes the extra mile to share her own insights and experience at the workplace. I am truly amazed at her talent and attention to detail. It has been a truly remarkable experience working with her on my Linkedin profile. Without a shadow of a doubt, I'd recommend Gladys to anyone who might require her expertise.
Charles L
Business Analyst and Software Engineer
Gladys goes above and beyond to learn more about her clients’ experiences and needs. I was pleasantly surprised when Gladys took it upon herself to conduct extra research into my profile, resulting in a much stronger pitch for my cover letter. She is clearly passionate about helping clients with their professional goals, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for help furthering their careers.
Jun Xian K
Software Engineer Intern
Gladys was recommended to me as I was looking out to refresh my resume. She is really friendly, thoughtful and helpful in her approach, taking the time to speak with me and understand the nature of my work and interests prior to giving out any advice. I also gained new knowledge with Gladys' advice and enjoyed sharing our perspectives on work experience, important skills, and the job landscape today. Her help was greatly appreciated and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to do the same.
Cassandra P
Assistant Manager, Singapore Civil Service
I reached out to Gladys when I was looking to refresh my resume earlier this year. I have not updated my resume for some time, and I wanted to take stock of and capture my recent career accomplishments on paper. Gladys was extremely helpful with that. She was very thorough in asking me about my past career experiences and accomplishments. I was very pleased with the reworked resume that Gladys did, which was sharp, concise and achievement-oriented. I will definitely recommend Gladys to anyone who's looking to update their resumes!
Melissa L
People and Culture Specialist
I engaged Gladys to assist with a revamp of my profile, and to better position myself for opportunities other than Sales roles. Throughout the engagement, Gladys was very approachable and willing to spend as much time as required on the revamp, and she went out of her way to connect me with other colleagues/contacts who had worked in the roles I was exploring. Her turnaround time for revisions/client feedback was very fast - definitely a plus for busy people. I'd be very happy to work with Gladys again and to recommend her to any person looking to explore new opportunities that may be different from what they have been doing!
Junjie Y
Data Analytics and Marketing Manager
I have been having problems with properly utilizing my resume and making full use of my skills and capabilities, until I remembered an old acquaintance of mine and how she has been helping others in my same predicament find their dream jobs or placement by revamping their resume and providing the proper advice. At the moment, I am being well-received by companies and would strongly recommend Gladys and her services. Just stunning and spectacular work. Thank you Gladys!
Khairul Amirin Bin A
Learner Success Associate
Gladys was really friendly and approachable in helping me to craft out my resume. Not only did she help me with re-working my resume, but I was also able to learn more from her as I learned about the various things I could include in my resume. With her help, I was also able to shine more during my interviews as I knew which skill and experience I could bring in. Her help was greatly appreciated and I enjoyed working with her. I would highly recommend her work to my friends.
T Nickki
Finance Undergraduate Student
Gladys was patient, attentive and most importantly she understood what I was looking for when it comes to rewriting my decade old cv. I am impressed by her final masterpiece, and look forward to putting it to good use in the near future.
Stanley K
Partnership and Performance Director
Gladys has assisted me in revising my resume, in terms of quantifying my experiences, and making it more high impact and concise.

I could immediately see the impact of this, as I applied for the same role at different times with my previous CV and new CV. I received an immediate response from the firm that I had applied to with my new CV, where I had been rejected previously.

I believe this revision of the CV could be beneficial to everyone, regardless of your industry interests, as Gladys brings out the best of your past experiences, and the best version of you that could land you your dream interview!
Joaquim L
Investment Analyst
I engaged Gladys to sharpen my personal statement for a job that I was applying to. Very impressed by how she took the time to find out more about my career achievements, and highlight relevant ones for my personal statement. She also went the extra mile to give me some tips for future applications. Will certainly work with Gladys again and strongly recommend her for anyone who is keen to build a stronger job application.
Pan Yew N
Hardware Engineer
Gladys has helped me better express my career goals by revising both my resume and cover letter. The revision was incredibly concise, structured, and well-articulated- which gave me a sense of assurance and confidence in my job application.

She had also gone out of her way to reach out to her ex-colleagues, who works at the firm that I was interested in interning at, and enquire about an open position. She also graciously offered to write a letter of recommendation for me. I was overwhelmed with her generosity and time, in that she was very willing to help others despite her busy schedule.

For these reasons, I strongly recommend anyone who needs help with their resume or cover letters to reach out to Gladys.
Wen Xuan C
Industry Development Intern